Brice , Pierre + Wolfgang Preiss : both signed German 1960’s film program from THE MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN (2100)


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PIERRE  BRICE  (1929 – 2015) and  WOLFGANG  PREISS  (1910 – 2002)  both signed German 1960’s 7″ x 10,5″ film program for the atmospheric Il Mulino delle Donne di Pietra / The Mill of the Stone Women, one of my favorite Italian horrors from the 1960’s. This film was directed by Giorgio Ferroni in 1960 and was the first Italian COLOR horror film ever.

Pierre Brice was a French actor, who appeared in European films and tv-series from 1955 until 2009 : The Mill of the Stone Women (1960), Star Maidens (1976), etc. . From 1962 he appeared as the native American chief Winnetou in 11 German (!) western movies, adapted from novels by German writer Karl May.

Wolfgang Preiss was a German actor who appeared in over 150 films and tv-series from 1942 until 1996 : The Mill of the Stone Women (1960), Der Fluch der grünen Augen / Cave of the Living Dead (1964), The Boys from Brazil (1978), etc. .

Very good condition