Clive , Colin : signed 4″ x 6,8″ album page – (BRIDE OF) FRANKENSTEIN (1454)


COLIN  CLIVE  (1900 – 1937)  signed 4″ x 6,8″ yellow album page in brown ink.

Colin Clive is best remembered for playing Henry Frankenstein in both Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935), both starring Boris Karloff and both directed by James Whale.

He also appeared as Capt. Denis Stanhope in R.C. Sheriff’s play Journey’s End in London in 1929 (directed by James Whale).

This album page was part of a unique (Rudyard) Kipling family archive.

Part of a vintage postcard is stuck to the verso , resulting in some crumpling to the page.

Very good condition