Clive , Colin (+ Maurice Evans) : signed large 5,5″ x 7″ album page – (BRIDE OF) FRANKENSTEIN (1580) VERY scarce !


COLIN  CLIVE  (1900 – 1937)  signed 5,5″ x 7″ album page in black fountain pen ink : “The wine isn’t so / good now ! / Sincerely / Colin Clive “.

Colin Clive was a British actor who moved to the USA in 1930. He appeared as Henry Frankenstein in James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and also as Stephen Orlac in Karl Freund’s Hands of Orlac (1935).

He died in 1937, suffering from tuberculosis, furthered along by chronic alcoholism. Ironically he added “The wine isn’t so good now !” to his signature.

This large page is in fine condition and was signed c. 1930.

(The owner of Classic Entertainment Autographs has informed me, that the second signature on this Colin Clive page is Maurice Evans (1901 – 1989), who appeared with Clive in the London production of Journey’s End in 1928 / 1929.)

A VERY scarce piece !