Cushing , Peter : signed ‘application’ letter in 1951 – STAR WARS – HAMMER – DRACULA – FRANKENSTEN (1947)


PETER  CUSHING  (1913 – 1994)  signed  5″ x 8″ letter in October 1951 in blue fountain pen ink.

Mr  Cushing  appeared in  The curse of Frankenstein  (Hammer 1957) , (Horror of) Dracula (1958)  and in MANY other (Hammer horror) movies.

He also appeared as the Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars (1977)

This is an incredibly rare letter, with Peter Cushing letterhead. The letter is mentioned on page 111 of Peter Cushing’s  “An Autobiography”(1986), typed by Mr. Cushing’s wife Helen : “She bought a copy of the Radio Times, and from it made a list of all the television producers. She then wrote letters to them, which were typed for me to sign.” By return post Mr. Cushing received his first invitation and on Dec. 2 1951 he made his first entrance into television. In 1951 he appeared in ‘Eden End’ and in ‘When we are Married’.

Probably his most notable tv-appearence was in the BBC live television adaptation of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1954.

Michael Barry, to whom the letter is typed, was head of drama at BBC Television in the 1950’s.

Very good condition (pinholes, punch holes, small tears near punch holes)