DRACULA : collection of 25 US and UK theatre program(me)s – 1920s to 1950s , Bela Lugosi (pr 003)


Collection of 25 British and US theatre program(me)s for the Hamilton Deane play  DRACULA

These program(me)s date from the 1920s (12 x), 1930s (2x) , 1940s (4x) , 1950s (6x) and from 1977 (signed by Frank Langella).

Dracula is played by Bela Lugosi (9 x) , Raymond Huntley (3x) , Hamilton Deane (2x) and many other (often unknown) actors (: Kim Peacock, Harrison Ainsworth, Keith Pyott, Frederick Keen, W.E Holloway, Garth Meyers, Bill Tilden (!), Courtney White etc.).

Mostly in very good to fine (some in very fine) condition

Please ask me for a list !