KARLOFF,  BORIS + BURGESS  MEREDITH +  MARGARET PHILLIPS signed 3 radio contracts in 1952, for the radio play THE  SEA  WOLF  + 4 other pieces (please read description !).  (2002)


This incredible lot consists of the following 7 (!) pieces :

  1. Contract signed by Boris Karloff on March 27, 1952

This one page ( 8,5“x 11 “) contract is in very good condition , with the top edge fraying professionally backed with Japanese rice paper, not affecting any printing on the verso. Small staple holes in the upper left corner. The contract is for $ 1000 for his services for the April 27 Theatre Guild On The Air radio play adaptation from the book THE SEA WOLF by Jack London. His role in the play was Wolf Larson.

Boris Karloff (1887 – 1969) appeared in Frankenstein (1931)  and in MANY other horror films.

  1. Contract signed by Burgess Meredith on March 27, 1952

One page contract in very good condition for $ 2000 for his services as Humphrey Van Weydon in the same radio play.

Burgess Meredith (1907 – 1997) appeared In Torture Garden (1967), Magic (1978) and many films and tv-series from 1935 until 1996. And he was of course The Penguin in 21 episodes of tv’s Batman from 1966 – 1968.

  1. Contract signed by Margaret Phillips on April 1, 1952

One page contract in very good condition for $ 350 for her services as Maude in the same radio play.

Margaret Phillips (1923 – 1984) appeared mostly on tv from 1948 until 1963.

  1. Two page contract drawn up on July 12, 1951 with a quarter page addenda stapled to it signed by a representative of the Jack London estate. This contract is in very good condition, stapled in upper left corner.


  1. Three page contract, drawn up on July 12, 1951 signed by Leslie Reade for writing and delivering the radio play script of THE SEA WOLF. The amount was for $ 1000. Very good condition, stapled in the upper left corner.


  1. The complete 72-page script of THE SEA WOLF, adapted for radio by Leslie Reade. Some staining at the top of the first two pages. This appears to be an original typescript on watermarked bond paper. Stapled in the left top corner.


  1. S. Steel Hour Theatre Guild on the Air double fold-out for Sunday Evening April 17, 1952 for the production of THE SEA WOLF with information about the play and photos and information about the three main players. Very good condition, with a tiny closed tear at the bottom folding juncture.