Pitt , Ingrid : original script (8″ x 12″) of her novel PIGEON TANGO – original and unique !!! (also HAMMER) (1944)


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From the personal collection of  INGRID  PITT  (1937 – 2010) comes this copy of her novel PIGEON TANGO.

This novel was announced for print in February 2012 by Avelard Publishing. Unfortunately it was never released.

This is probably the only way to obtain a copy of this novel. Of course no copyrights are given or implied !

This script was obtained from (and authenticated by) Ingrid Pitt’s step daughter .

Polish-born Ingrid Pitt (Ingoushka Petrov) appeared in : The Vampire Lovers (Hammer 1970), Countess Dracula (Hammer 1971), The Wicker Man (1973).

Good condition : 123 pages, with many notes in pencil (printed on the back of non-related documents !)