Sloan , Edward Van : signed c. 2,4″ x 3,5″ card – DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, MUMMY (1986) VERY rare !!!


EDWARD  VAN  SLOAN  (1882 – 1964) signed small 2,4″ x 3,5″ card in black ink.

He appeared as Prof. Van Helsing in DRACULA (1931), as Dr. Waldman in FRANKENSTEIN (1931) and as Dr. Muller in THE MUMMY (1932) and in many more films until 1950, often as a doctor, judge, professor (and even a Maharadja !).

Before he passed away in March 1964, he signed some cards and stills for his fans, but unfortunately he died before he could send them to the collectors. Many years later this archive was sold to a US collector. This signed card originates from this archive.

Fine condition (some discoloration)

A VERY scarce item !