Whale , James + Colin Clive : Journey’s End , 2 London + 1 New York program(me)s + Souvenir Magazine from 1929 (1572)


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JOURNEY’S END  is a 1928 play by R.C. Sheriff. It premiered in December 1928 at the Apollo Theatre in London and in January 1929 it transfered to the Savoy Theatre and later that year to the Prince of Wales Theatre. The play was produced and directed by James Whale (1889 – 1957) and starred Colin Clive (1900 – 1937). Both Whale and Clive joined the British community in Hollywood and teamed up again for FRANKENSTEIN (1931) and  BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935). The rest is history.

On offer are 2 program(me)s for both the Savoy and Prince of Wales Theatre in London. Both program(me)s are in very good condition for their age.

The third program is from the New York stage production of Journey’s End at the Henry Miller’s Theatre in New York (also 1929), with Colin-Keith Johnston as Captain Stanhope (the Colin Clive-role). This program is in fine condition.

The fourth item is a 32 pages, 1929 London Souvenir Magazine (The Play Pictorial), measuring 9″ x 11″, with many photos from the Journey’s End production starring Colin Clive, George Zucco and Melville Cooper. This magazine is in very good condition.